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Leather traceable to de organic cattle farms

Why TLC ?

People working with TLC care for the animals and environment.

Making leathers is an ancient cultural heritage shared amongst people across borders. Although an ancient craft, leather making in modern fashion fits the contemporary "circular" ambition to reuse waste by utilizing the skin, a waste material from meat consumption. A good starting point! But where does the skin come from ?  To distinct mainstream supply  TLC only utilizes raw materials from certified organic origin in Europe.  Thus TLC guarantees a healthy, ecological and animal friendly origin. In tanning TLC maintains this standard with metal -free tanning methods, natural finishings and by cooperating with clients and organizations supporting the re-use and recycling of leathers and leather waste in the supply chain.

What makes TLC unique?

Producing fully traceable leathers is still exceptional in the leather sector although gradually by new regulations things will be changing. Hides from organic certified origin are a rare treasure. It represents only a minor part (5%) of the total market in hides in The Netherlands and Germany and for mostly economic reasons will probably this will increase only slowly. To make organic farming beneficial it brings to the farmer great challenges and additional efforts. It is therefor only logical to have them on board in the TLC company as shareholders organized within a cooperative. 

What we do?

TLC sources and produces traceable cattle leathers for fashion, accessories and interior. Products are tanned in small batches with the flexibility to produce custom-made leathers for brands and project design. The primal focus is business to business sales. For smaller workplaces and craft work TLC keeps a special selection of leathers in stock thus servicing to purchase privately as well.


Fashion & Interior

The leathers made for brands include preparatory consultations and support in developing a vision on the implementation of TLC leather in the collection. Followed by sampling and a final selection of leathers produced thereafter in accordance with a mutually shared planning. 

Project & Public-space

For interior designers TLC can develop the desired leathers, taken into a more long term planning. TLC is preparing to run LCA's on the interior leathers to support with additional data on the environmental impact when choosing for TLC. 

Design  & Craft

For smaller workplaces TLC supplies from stock. In case designers assemble for a combined order it is possible to make a specified custom made leather. All leathers are coded with the animal number of origin, to include as information to a specific hand-crafted product. Quarterly TLC organizes an open day to see the leathers in stock if interested please contact below also when interested in a more private consultation for a custom made leather.

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